Since 1989, HandCrew® Gear has followed the idea of taking over the hand protection industry one glove at a time.

How do we do this, you might ask? We want our customers to know that we offer top quality products at the best possible price.

With carefully selected materials, every product we offer is made for high performance, durable protection, and comfortable fit. We like to say that that there is no job to tough to tackle.

Whether you work in construction or are a pro DIYer, we know we've got the right fit for you!!

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HandCrew® Gear Gloves

HandCrew High Dexterity -
Gel Pro Series

HandCrew GelPro Gloves

Our High Dexterity gloves provide increased protection & help reduce risk of injury by adding more sensitivity and dexterity when compared to thicker and stronger gloves. These gloves come in a variety of shell materials carefully picked and a gel palm cushion offering increase padding on areas exposed to higher risk of injury.

HandCrew High Performance -
All Purpose Series

HandCrew all purpose gloves

Our High-Performance gloves offer the perfect combination of quality, durability and value. Each glove has been designed strategically to ensure superior comfort and extensive dexterity while offering a form fitted design. This allows for a variety of usage, applications and working conditions.

HandCrew Leather -
Leather Work Gloves Series

HandCrew Gear Leather Gloves

Our Leather Work gloves are designed to withstand many rigorous tasks. Understanding the differences in leathers and glove features will ensure the correct glove choice for the right task. From exposure to cold and heat to direct abrasions and impact, HandCrew Leather has what you need to get your task done.

HandCrew Leather -
Cowhide Leather

HandCrew Gear Cowhide Leather Gloves

The most common and popular type of leather found in work gloves. This is due to the availability of the material, durability, excellent abrasion and extensive head resistance.

HandCrew Leather -
Goatskin Leather

HandCrew Goatskin Leather gloves

Offers the most dexterity out of all types of leather. It has the best tensile strength while the natural lanolin in the skin makes the gloves very supple, waterproof and abrasion resistant.

HandCrew Coated -
Coated Work Gloves Series

HandCrew ChemBlock Gloves

Our Coated Work gloves combine a basic knit glove with an added coating for extensive grip. Coming in a wide range of colors and costings, the coated glove offers comfort while the application possibilities widen.

HandCrew Coated -
Latex Coated

HandCrew Latex Coated Glove

Offers very high elasticity and outstanding grip. Latex coated gloves are able to withstand extreme temperatures and can also be tear resistant.

HandCrew Coated -
Nitrile Coated

HandCrew Nitrile coated Gloves

Offers excellent tear resistance while being 3 times more puncture resistant than rubber. Nitrile coating is a hypoallergenic option which makes it one of the top work glove choices for those who have latex allergies.

HandCrew Knitted -
Knitted Work Gloves Series

HandCrew Knitted Gloves

Our Knitted Work gloves offer many options from cotton, to nylon, to non grip and extra grip. Whatever your task may be, we have a glove that can handle it. Available in:

  • 7-13 Gauge Knits

  • Cotton

  • Polyester

  • Thin Nylon

  • Anti-Statistic Filament Nylon

  • Low-Lint Nylon

  • Polypropylene


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